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SUCCESS for good skin care involves a routine and healthy habits in your 20s and 30s which can strengthen and prepare your skin for the effects of aging down the road.
  • Ideally starting a skincare routine around age 12 with just the basics helps to
  • establish a healthy routine that will be beneficial to aging gracefully and beautifully.
  • Because your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production start slowing down at 25, the best age to start using retinol is 25-30.
  • Exfoliants should be used beginning in the teen years to clean pores, protect against acne and clear dead skin cells from the skin surface.
  • Around age 25 it is the right time to start using anti-aging (AGELESS) PRODUCTS or at least have a proper skin care regiment.
  • There is a correct order to applying skincare products, in layering your products you start with the thinnest, water-based formulas and ending with the thickest products.
  • A healthy diet is critical for your skin care success as well. For example, too much alcohol can lead to dehydration and rosacea. Avoid eating to much sugar.
  • Stay hydrated with water as that effects your entire body.
  • Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

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